Selling Gift Cards

From Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base

As this stage we provide rudimentary support for gift cards / gift vouchers.

To sell Gift Cards, you just set them up as a standard product. If a customer orders a gift card, you have two methods to apply the gift card...

1. If the recipient is already a customer

If the gift card recipient is already a customer, you can easily add a credit to their account. This credit can be used whenever they wish.

2. If the recipient is not a customer

If the gift card recipient isn't a customer, create a coupon code for a specific amount, and provide instructions when delivering the voucher (whether by email or mail) on how it can be used...

Create a coupon discount with the following rules. Make sure it has a nice name, as your customers will have to enter this code!

  • Discount type is "Fixed Amount", and enter the dollar amount of the coupon.
  • Starts today, and is valid until deactivated , with a maximum of 1 use(s)

If a customer only uses part of the amount, then you'll need to delete the code and then create a new discount with the same code for the remaining amount.

Please note that some payment providers such as Afterpay do not allow you to use their payment service for gift vouchers. You will need to set up a Checkout Rule to exclude gift vouchers as documented here .